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Gyroscopic Gopro Mount/ MotoGP Style

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Read more testimonials.One option is to look at your tire chicken strips but it is not really relevant to your friends. Another option is a gyroscopique camera as in motoGP. The camera stays horizontal once the bike take a corner. So I tried to build a cheap and mechanical Gopro gyro mount that I can fix on any Gopro pad with any angles suspended, tilted The gyro system is based on a pendulum using simple bearing.

The advantages are : it is really cheap compared to commercial system or electronic system and you do not need battery. It is good nowadays to have something which runs without batteries!

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. First of all, you need of course a Gopro, a basic Gopro quick release mount and a Gopro pad.

I took the "free" pad from the Gopro's box cf picture because there is a hole just behind the pad and we could custom it later. You just have to open up the hard drive, remove the disk from the bearing. It is free and very small ,light and efficient. The weight, the stiffness and the center of gravity are crucial for camera recording and for the pendulum based gyro cam. For a given mass the further it is from the center of rotation of the bearing system the faster it will go to the equilibrium position for the suspended massso at the horizontal.

The conclusion is that you need to have the suspended mass so the Gopro as close as possible to the fixation point on the motorcycle and at the same time far from the center of rotation of the bearing.

You need the famous piece to link the bearing system to the Gopro mount that will be fix on your motorcycle pad.

Referring to the weight and the center of gravity's discussion this piece is crucial. It needs to be stiff to reduce the vibration and long enough for the pendulum to work. But not too long to keep the center of gravity close to the fixation point.

gyro camera mount

The best will be something stiff and light at the same time as aluminium or PLA. I designed the ideal piece for this gyro system but as I have not a 3D printer I have done in another way.

For those you are interested I join the Sketchup file. For those who as me do not have a 3D printer, I took lens mount from Thorlabs for exemple. This is not compulsory and it might not fit with your bearing.

Feel free to share other ideas :. I was stuck for a long timeThe mounts that come with most motorcycle video cameras are semi-useful for mounting the camera to a helmet but not the motorcycle. Suction cup style camera mounts are readily available and they can be used for a sturdier mounting arrangement. The situation is this: most or all of the motorcycle video cameras come with a small selection of plastic clips that are supposed to be used for mounting the camera on a helmet or on the motorcycle itself.

The manufacturers seem to spend a lot of time thinking about the camera and very little time thinking about how to mount it on the bike.

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The typical clip-style mount that is supplied with the camera usually has a strip of double-sided tape on the back. Most motorcycles also have limited surface area for mounting a camera and the complex curves and shapes mean that the camera lens must have a certain amount of standoff from the surface of the fuel tank, fairing or wherever.

This means that the camera must also be mounted with the lens at a great enough distance from the surface of the motorcycle to get a clear view of the road ahead, or risk having half the frame filled with a boring and fly-specked gas tank. Currently, the solution with the best or should I say most efficient performance-to-cost ratio i.

gyro camera mount

The Fat Gecko mounts have a U. You then flip up the bail or handle, which pulls back on the suction cup and creates a vacuum to provide the suction. If these are mounted on a nice, clean, non-porous flat or mostly flat surface, like the side of a fuel tank, fairing, etc.

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The ideal mounting situation is to have the camera mounted as close to the suction cup and as low as possible. But remember — with that wide field of view, the camera needs to have some standoff from the surface, otherwise it can capture too much of that gas tank in the frame. A super-solid mounting arrangement is especially important on a motorcycle, which has a lot of movement and vibration anyway, or fairing pieces that may be a bit flexible. We used the three suction cup mounts shown in the photos and mounted them on the front of a pickup truck, which is a very solid and vibration free surface compared to a motorcycle.

But even then, we noticed vibration and shudder in the resulting video. The Delkin Fat Gecko single cup and the PanaVise GoPro mount have short arms to mount the camera, so the movement and vibrations can be relatively controlled as long as the camera is light weight. The problem with all three of these mounts in this review is that the bail or handle has to be moved up, rather than down, to pull on the suction cup.

It then becomes a matter of compromise. Not only is this mount too wide to use on many motorcycles, the long arm, which ironically provides almost unlimited degrees of freedom with regards to travel, is a prime source of vibration and camera movement.

Part of the problem is that to provide the wide range of movement, the arms use ball joints, which have a limited amount of surface area for holding, no matter how tight the friction knobs are. The PanaVise GoPro suction cup mount is nearly identical to the Delkin Fat Gecko single cup, but it has the special GoPro mount molded in to the arm as part of the unit.

And the mount should be made of metal, because you need to really tighten it up to try and avoid any vibration and plastic threads can deform under the load. Next, make sure that the suction cup really is going to hold — and you might want to put a couple of strips of duct tape over it just to be on the safe side. Then, make sure all the friction knobs are tight. Also, remember the friction nut on the tip of the mount — the one that pushes up against the bottom of the camera to hold it.As seen in MotoGP Race, the rider is seen riding through corners while laying aside his bike to the left and right.

But there is an interesting moment when the motor looks to collapse sideward, the front views remain horizontally. How could that be? Such onboard camera applies GYRO system, where the camera will be fixed perpendicular to the gravity of the earth.

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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

They are two separate modules, hence we have to use two modules simultaneously. Then we make Gyro Chip and Accelerometer Chip in one module there are two chips in one module.

After having completely assembled, it is time now to upload the program to Arduino. This circuit is only to drive servo in axis-X only. Can I ask why you put the gyro sensor on the rigid part of the mount and not on the camera part?

Instead of measuring the angle of lean, you could just control the motor until the camera was level. Open vs Closed feedback loops.

I guess in the end, it all works though. I saw one of these gyro cameras on a bike running the Nuremberg track and it was very cool to see. Love the project! Could you use one of these instead to reduce size? Is there a way I can adapt your code for my board? Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Many thanks. Has anyone used any gyroscopic mount gyro-cam that works?

I'm looking forward to have one for my tracking days! I have hard this London company www. First of all, thanks for the awesome write up. Reply 5 years ago on Step 2. You should include kalman filter library. I figured it out a little bit ago and got it working great using a Nano! Thank you again so much for posting the code and instructable! That worked perfect for me. Got it to operate on an Uno and a Nano board. Probably will do the full build with the Nano.

Is there anyway to smooth out the signal a little?If you are looking to the best camera for drones some refer it to as quadcoptergreat! You are on the right page! I am guessing you are here because you have tried out a quadcopter and now you want to up your game by adding a camera to your drone. Below are some of the features I feel are important to have, especially for a camera that spends a lot of time in the sky.

Wide Field of View. Below is an example of the difference between what is captured on an iPhone and what is captured with an action cam. I feel a way that yon need to have a way where you can stabilise your video be it though post editing or real time stabilisation. Simply said, anti-shake is used in photo while gyro is used in video.

If you want to read more about it, more can be found here. Having said that, in this case, gyro would be more important and you should definitely look for cameras with gyro stabilisation because most of your footage would be recorded in video mode. Other than looking out for the video resolution, the frame rate is just as important.

The bare minimum is 25fps. Anything lower than that becomes a photo slideshow that is choppy and rough. Another thing that you should look out for is whether it is durable and reliable.

Lastly, you would have to consider the weight of the camera.

gyro camera mount

All the cameras below that I recommend are action cameras because I feel they are ideal for mounting onto and filming on drones.

Below are some cheap alternatives to GoPro, all below that can fit into GoPro compatible quadcopters. The Mobius can be mounted on the underside of your drone easily due to the shape of it. It records in p — 30fps or — 60fps and is also super light, weighing only 40g which is slighly more than half of a gopro camera only. However, having said that, it does not have remote viewing and may be a little inconvenient as you would have to connect a usb cable to your pc or use a micro-sd card reader to read the content.

Note: Do not buy this if you have a GoPro compatible drone as it will not fit in the frame. Ebay — 69 USD. It also has a very user-friendly interfacehence, making it very ideal for first time buyers. There are 2 versions, H9 and H9R. Although both is pretty much the same h9r has larger battery capacitythe main difference is that H9R comes with a remote control but H9 does not.

AliExpress — USD GearBest — USD Although this is slightly more costly than the above 2, it has gyro stabilizationand a front screen, making it a popular alternative to GoPro in quadcopter. It also has dual screenswhich makes it easer to see whether you are recording or to show the basic status like duration, battery life, etc. Other than that, it is also able to be filmed at 2.

AliExpress — 75 USD.Designed to enable rapid data transfer, the iX Controller has the ability to control up to six Phase One aerial cameras independently. Built as a workhorse, the system boasts a small footprint and easily integrates into any aircraft. The iX Controller includes robust removable protective SSD tray for convenient and secure transfer and handling. The iX Controller supports triple monitors, one for the pilot and two for the operator so both can monitor and observe different views of the set up simultaneously.

With a low weight of 14 kg and a high payload of 35 kg, the mount supports the reduction of the angular rate, provides optimal stabilization of the system and allows efficient and precise image capturing. This stabilizer is also used for 4-band configuration. With a low weight of 5. By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, POS AV enables precise determination of position and attitude, as well as the completion of geospatial projects in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

The post-processing capabilities and advanced workflow enable the fast production of distortion-free RGB and CIR images and exclusively support the processing of MP images. Download iX Capture 3 Data Sheet. With its intuitive GUI and multiple control functions, the iX Plan application enables users to simply generate flight plans. It enables fast import of the digital terrain model DTMbase map, project shape, and ground control points. It also includes all Phase One sensors characteristics.

The iX Flight is an interactive and intuitive flight management system for the precise execution of a mission and comes uploaded to the iX Controller. During the flight, iX Flight collects log files that enable post-processing, mission analysis, and post-flight reports. With two display screens for both the pilot and the operator, each has the exact information they need for successful aerial image acquisition.

Aerial Solution MP. Aerial Solutions Components Hardware. Software Package.

gyro camera mount

Download Brochure. Warranty Packages As Phase One equipment is built to last, and in order to ensure you experience new levels of productivity and enjoy increased workflow efficiency, Phase One offers extended support and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is safe. The Standard Warranty Package For aerial cameras, lensesand the iX Controller we offer a one-year warranty that includes the repair of all manufacturing defects free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.

For RS lenses shutter modules we offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase orshutter releases. The repair time at Phase One service center is 2 weeks excluding shipping. The Premium Warranty Package Phase One's standard one-year period for IXU-RS can be extended to the annual Premium Warranty Package that includes expanded services as follows: Uptime unit during the repair period with delivery time of 1 week excluding shipping.

Free of chargeshutter actuations maintenance once per calendar year. Contact us to learn more about our warranty packages.Here at Walmart.

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