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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Needs paint and for me, a more relaxed fork with some trail. Asher Well-Known Member. Clean but boring. If you think wearing all black is cutting edge and beautiful, I guess I like their business model of going to market at a sustainable pace and focusing on service as well as sales.

Probably be a long time before they will even be available in NA if at all. The gear ratio looks huge for a single speed although it is not entirely clear if it is or will be? Deacon Blues Well-Known Member. That back end looks stiff and unforgiving. I wonder how harsh the ride would be. Well-Known Member. It looks like someone rolled a completely assembled bike into a spray booth and shot it with primer.

Fasteners, plastic, tires and cables are the same color as the frame. The design, although slightly better, is reminiscent of the old eFlow ebike. That was a good bike a few years ago, but the styling wasn't that popular.

Tyler S Member. Hard pass. Over50 Well-Known Member. Far cry from a Desiknio:.You get your Cowboy bike, batterybattery recharger and accessories kit, included in the price. The accessories box contains a Guide for Riders manual and three simple tools. These tools help you attach the pedals and adjust the seat height and handlebar. Also included are two battery keys and a few safety items for your use.

These include front and rear lights, a bell, and reflectors for each wheel. We ship your bike to arrive within after your order. We update the bike often via the app to receive new features and enhance existing ones.

We also have the ability to deliver over-the-air software updates to the bike's firmware. We are here to help you after the sale with information and advice. Chat with our customer success experts or send an email to hello cowboy. We also support you with remote diagnostics to keep your bike checked.

We will contact you if we detect a needed repair. We will also send you a maintenance notification at the correct moment.

Need immediate help for a flat tire, for example? We will connect you with the closest repair partner via the app. There is a two-year comprehensive warranty on the entire bike. If you are not happy with any aspect of your Cowboy experience, you can return your bike within 30 days. Stay updated about Cowboy. Be the first to know what's coming next, get access to sneak peeks and more.

Free mudguards are in your cart.Wil je het zelf eens meemaken? Boek een testrit. Ontdek de app.

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Blijf op de hoogte van Cowboy. Wees de eerste die weet wat er komt, krijg toegang tot sneak peeks en meer. We zijn blij dat je vriend je ons heeft aanbevolen. Zodra je je e-mail achterlaat, kan je overgaan tot een aankoop.

Zodra je klaar bent voor je aankoop, zijn er een paar spatborden beschikbaar in je winkelmandje. Je kunt altijd op een later tijdstip terugkomen met de link die je zonet ontving. Ze liggen op je te wachten.

Nu betalen. Gratis spatborden in je winkelmandje. Dit wil je niet missen.

VanMoof vs. Cowboy: The new and smart e-bikes in direct comparison

Click to explore In jouw ruimte weergeven. Absoluut zwart Antraciet Grijs Mineraal Grijs. Rij met ons mee Blijf op de hoogte van Cowboy. Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief Inschrijven. Proficiat, Cowboy. Welkom in de stad. En geniet van de rit. Er is iets misgegaan.

cowboy pedelec

Probeer het nog eens of chat met ons als het nog steeds niet werkt. Het loont om een Cowboy te kennen. Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief Krijg gratis spatborden.

Je spatborden liggen klaar. Nu betalen Nog even rondkijken. Choose a country to view content specific to your geographical location and buy online.Electric bicycles usually come in two flavors: either a gorgeous two-wheeler with a non-removable battery inside the frame, out of sight, or a design-be-damned mode of transportation that has the battery stuck to its frame like a hideous torpedo. Form or function? That's the decision most prospective e-bike buyers have to make.

With the Cowboythough, there's no compromise. The Brussels-based startup has managed to crack this age-old problem with a sleek but detachable battery that slides behind the seat post.

It's a neat solution that immediately elevates the bike above most of its rivals. At any distance, this city-centric bicycle looks fantastic. I love the dark gray finish and the shape of the frame, which consists almost entirely of straight, angular lines. It's an undeniable head turner that should appeal to fixie-riding hipsters and office folk alike.

The battery is always visible and, curiously, has a slightly darker finish than the frame. Its positioning, though, means it's less noticeable than the removable battery on most e-bikes. If I hadn't told my friends and family beforehand, I'm not sure they would have noticed that the Cowboy was electrified not until they stepped on and started riding the thing, anyway.

The oval-shaped lights, which are neatly integrated into the frame and battery, give the bike some futuristic flair. It all comes together in a package that feels both vintage and straight from a science fiction movie like Blade Runner. I can honestly imagine Rick Deckard as a still-in-training police officer, riding one of these around the rain-soaked streets of Los Angeles, wondering when he'll finally receive his iconic Spinner. Style means nothing, though, without performance.

Cowboy's first e-bike has a W rear-hub motor and, by default, a top speed of 25KMH That's pretty standard across the industry, because for now that's the maximum allowed in Europe. Still, companies have different ideas about when, and how much, the motor should step in and help you reach that ceiling.

Cowboy's take is surprisingly aggressive, especially at lower speeds. I was floored by the bike's rapid acceleration whenever I entered a roundabout or pulled away from a previously red light. And if you're still not happy, there's an off-road mode that increases the top speed to 30KMH. Otherwise, there's little to think about while riding the bike. The assistance is entirely automated, so you don't have to worry about gears or power levels.

The Cowboy uses two integrated torque and speed sensors that, combined with an "optimized algorithm," know how hard you're pedaling and what, if anything, you need from the motor.

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Relinquishing control can be tough if you're used to a traditional bicycle with plenty of front and back gear combinations. I sometimes wanted a higher gear, for instance, so I could continue pedaling down steep hills. It's a small quibble though. The bike is agile and smooth, with no noticeable judder when the motor kicks in.In April VanMoof presented the new S3 and shortly afterwards in June Cowboy followed up with the third generation of the smart bike.

What both innovations have in common is that the smart functions of the bikes are in the foreground and the drive systems have each been improved.

cowboy pedelec

But there are also numerous differences, which this article is intended to highlight. There is no classic display on the bikes, instead there are lights integrated into the frame that inform about the battery status. The VanMoof can also display information about speed or theft protection. All further information is outsourced to the corresponding free Smartphone app, which is a fixed part of the use of both bikes.

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In addition to technical settings, the apps are also used for navigation or for locating the wheels, for which both models have an integrated GPS transmitter. Both bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a lighting system is also integrated. Due to the integration into the frame, the headlights on both models do not illuminate into the curve either.

The frames of the bikes are only available in one size each.

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Cowboy recommends this frame size for riders from cm height, VanMoof for riders from cm. The VanMoof X3 should also be mentioned — this is suitable for smaller drivers, but looks quite different in form. Fenders are fitted as standard on VanMoof, but can be ordered as an option on Cowboy. Despite all the — especially smart — similarities, there are also some differences. First of all the battery should be mentioned here: VanMoof has integrated it fixed in the frame and offers a capacity of Wh.

Cowboy, on the other hand, relies on a smaller battery with Wh, which is, however, detachably mounted in the seat tube. The VanMoof has a larger capacity, but the bike has to be brought to the charger for charging.

There are also big differences in the motor and drive system: Cowboy uses a single-speed drive with only one gear, with the motor in the rear wheel.

The power transmission now uses a high-quality Gates belt drive, which is largely maintenance-free, quiet and free of oil or grease. The drive system is controlled via a torque sensor.

This provides a very natural support as it is linked to the pedalling force of the rider. So if you pedal hard, the motor will also provide strong support, and if the pedalling force is weak, the motor will also be weak.

Cowboy's first e-bike solves the removable battery problem

The VanMoof S3 is completely different: here the engine is installed in the front wheel, creating space in the rear wheel for a four-speed hub gear. This is electronically controlled according to speed levels, which can also be changed via app. This means that the transmission automatically changes gear at defined speeds. The power transmission from the pedal is done by a classic bicycle chain, which runs in an encapsulated chain case and is therefore protected from the weather.

The VanMoof does not have a torque sensor, i. The tires used on the Cowboy are 42 mm wide and from Continental, while the Schwalbe Big Ben tires used on the VanMoof are even slightly wider at 50 mm — in both cases a comfortable choice for the city, especially since the size of the tires should make it possible to drive with relatively low air pressure.For comparison, Cowboy's lightweight design offers great agility and an exceptional ride-feeling for urban riders.

cowboy pedelec

The bike's lightweight design and electrical assistance gives riders an exceptional ride feeling. A lightweight bike is easier to carry on your shoulder to an upper floor in an apartment building. With the battery detached, the bike weighs only The Cowboy bike frame is made from a special metal alloy known as aluminum Using this special metal, we engineered the frame to maximize high-strength and low-weight.

Further, we designed the frame to accommodate advanced electronics within the bike's frame. The Cowboy battery weighs only 2. We engineered this battery using the latest generation of Lithium Ion cells.

We are the first in Europe to use this technology in electric bikes. This new technology offers one-half more battery life than conventional cells. These cells contain the highest energy-density at the smallest size and lowest weight on the market. Learn more about our battery.

We chose a carbon belt rather than a traditional chain as the transmission for our bike. A belt helps reduce the bike's weight versus a chain and is noiseless. Further, a belt offers a more comfortable riding experience and keeps clothes clean. This is because there is no oil needed on our belt. See all bike specifications. Stay updated about Cowboy.

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Be the first to know what's coming next, get access to sneak peeks and more. Free mudguards are in your cart. Check it out. Join the ride Stay updated about Cowboy.When you pedal harder, our optimised algorithm computes the exact power the bike needs to give you to help you just the right amount. The result: an intuitive boost of extra power versus a normal bicycle. So, ride like you always do, but get to your destination faster. Two integrated, torque and speed sensors collect this data continuously.

We customized the motor to integrate those sensors, capturing the data on the way you pedal as close to where it matters as possible. So, imagine a rider facing an upcoming, challenging hill.

The rider starts pedaling harder to gain speed to go up the hill. The bike measures this extra force and then delivers power to the bike.

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The rider can then climb challenging hills with minimal effort. The guiding design principle was to keep the user experience simple, yet powerful. So, we designed the bike's electrical assistance to adapt intuitively to each rider. This means the rider will not have to change gears or push buttons for more power. So, ride like you always do, but get you to your destination faster. See all bike specifications. Stay updated about Cowboy. Be the first to know what's coming next, get access to sneak peeks and more.

Free mudguards are in your cart. Check it out.

Join the ride Stay updated about Cowboy. Join our newsletter Sign-up. Congrats, Cowboy. Welcome in town. And enjoy the ride. Something wrong happened. Please try again or chat with us if the issue persists. Choose a country to view content specific to your geographical location and buy online.

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